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Since 2010, the attorneys at Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC, have been advocating for business owners in Orange County, Monterey, and throughout California. Our litigation attorneys have over 40 years' of experience developing aggressive and efficient strategies and securing excellent results in industries ranging from real estate development, banking, manufacturing, agriculture, importing, wholesale, consulting, and more.

What sets TVA apart are the results we have achieved both in and out of court. We have achieved settlements that would not have been possible without our creative and aggressive litigation strategies. And when settlement is not possible, we have achieved the largest verdicts in the state in 2018 and 2019.

Skillfully Attending to All Facets of Business Litigation

As a result of this employment history and rich educational background, each of our attorneys is well-versed in business terminology, organization and transactions. We reference this skillset throughout all stages of the litigation process from forensic investigation to trial representation.

We have compiled a successful record defending our clients' interests in state and federal courts for a range of litigation matters such as:

Attending to the Bottom Line When Enforcing Your Rights

To protect your business, TVA’s attorney always analyze whether early remedies may be available. Drawing on our extensive experience with business and intellectual property litigation, our lawyers will review the various options beyond merely filing a complaint that will help you achieve an effective and economical outcome, including:

  • Mediation and settlement – this can be the fastest and most economical resolution to a dispute, an option TVA always explores with clients and adversaries.
  • Cease and desist letters – to end infringement without the need for further litigation.
  • Temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions – to immediately prevent further infringement.
  • Writs of attachment – to ensure payment of an eventual judgment.
  • Contempt citations – to enforce court orders against a recalcitrant adversary.
  • Summary judgment – to quickly resolve legal issues without a trial.

Should civil litigation provide the only long-term remedy for breach, infringement, misappropriation, or other wrongdoing, our attorneys will aggressively represent your interests in court. We have obtained temporary restraining orders and injunctions to protect clients from being harmed by unfair competition. In another case, we helped a client recover damages and protect a valuable trademark.

In addition to our comprehensive litigation offerings, we also represent clients throughout California needing appellate and post-judgment representation. Read our case results to learn more about our record of success and contact us to begin developing your strategy today.

Engaging Proactively to Minimize Litigation's Impact

Our attorneys recognize that litigation can be a costly and time-intensive method to resolve disputes. To help our clients protect their tangible and intangible assets, we offer these business advisory and trademark protection services:

  • Business formation and governance
  • Transactional services, including facilitating mergers and acquisitions
  • Contract drafting, negotiation, and enforcement
  • Trademark registration, due diligence, and enforcement

From startup partnerships to established corporations, we strive to give our clients a legal edge, as we have successfully done for our clients in the past.

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