Unfair Competition and Deceptive Practices

Holding Business Owners Accountable for Unfair Competition and Deceptive Practices

Having been misled by unscrupulous marketers or manufacturers, a defrauded consumer may file a suit to hold the offender responsible for deceptive trade practices. It's not only individuals who can take legal action for false advertising or deceptive practices, however.

Our lawyers at Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC, have represented many California business owners and operators who have suffered when their competitors, suppliers and others attempted to undermine their entity's standing through fraud.

Deceitful proprietors engage in unfair competition when they act unlawfully in order to harm a competitor. They may make false claims in an advertisement, infringe on intellectual property or misappropriate a trade secret.

When businesses purchase supplies from manufacturers, they rely on their partners to provide goods as advertised. If a supplier chooses to increase profit by using substandard materials, business owners can suffer damage to their company's reputation when they purchase these poorly crafted components that are then integrated into their products.

Identifying the Best Remedy According to Your Circumstances

Our legal team at Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC, has obtained effective remedies for our business clients in Orange County and Monterey who have struggled to address these complex issues. Our lawyers customize legal strategies based on each client's needs and situation, regarding matters such as:

  • Theft of trade secrets or trademark violations
  • Misleading representation of goods
  • Deceptive or false advertising

We recognize that, in certain situations, pursuing justice through litigation will not provide an adequate remedy. Using the courts to resolve disputes can provide long-term solutions in time. However, if your competitor's unlawful actions are threatening your company's viability, other legal options such as seeking injunctive relief, may be the best option for you.

Partner with Our Firm to Limit the Impact of Deceptive Practices or Unfair Competition

Learn how our attorneys can help your business recover damages from a competitor or business partner. Contact us online or over the phone at 714-641-1232 to speak with our Costa Mesa staff or 831-272-6676 to reach us in Salinas.

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