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Who Needs an Appellate Law Specialist?

Anyone who wants to succeed in litigation.

About two-thirds of litigants in civil cases are unhappy with their outcomes, a study has shown. The skill and experience of trial counsel makes no difference.

What makes the difference is knowing what is most likely to work – both at trial and on appeal. An independent Appellate Specialist, working closely with trial counsel, will not only set your case up for success on a future appeal, but will also improve your odds of success without an appeal.

Timothy Kowal and the Appellate Specialists at
Thomas Vogele & Associates work with:

~Trial Attorneys ~Trustees/Fiduciaries
~Corporations ~Business Owners ~Developers
~Lenders & Borrowers ~Individuals

If your case involves high-stakes, multi-party, or protracted civil litigation, it is critical to talk to an Appellate Specialist immediately.

How Can an Appellate Specialist Help Me Win My Case?

  1. Only 2 in 10 appeals are successful; Our success rate is better than 5 in 10.
  2. 1 in 20 appeals is dismissed for technical reasons – due to non-specialists’ lack of familiarity with appellate procedure.
  3. Reduced odds of attorney error: according to the ABA, failing to file documents – such as a notice of appeal – accounts for nearly 10% of legal malpractice.

Appellate Practice Areas

A Different Approach to Appeals

Many Appellate Specialists handle appeals exclusively, and rarely set foot inside a trial court. Our approach is different. An appeal is usually won or lost before it gets to the appellate court: raising arguments to be used on appeal; adding missing evidence to the record; and giving the trial court the chance to fix its errors are all necessary to succeed on appeal.

This is the most effective, challenging, and interesting part of any appeal. We know of no other firm with the same unique approach and skill set.

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