Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Navigating Bankruptcy and Insolvency Procedures

Business owners understand that best laid plans still sometimes go awry. Business entities that file Chapter 7 or 11 can benefit from legal protections that halt collections and afford an opportunity to reorganize and reprioritize, and to seize a new opportunity for a profitable future.

For debtors, a skilled legal advocate can develop a course of action that streamlines this technical process, and can help reorganize debt to create a viable path toward future growth.

For creditors, a borrower who files bankruptcy presents new challenges to collection. A skilled attorney can help you pursue options for recovery even through bankruptcy by proving your claims, establishing your priority for recovery, and even investigating and proving additional debtor assets available to recover against.

Since 2010, Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC, has helped business owners throughout Monterey and Orange County identify economical remedies for a wide range of bankruptcy matters. We have also represented creditors and the Chapter 7 trustee to pursue millions of dollars in additional debtor assets to maximize creditor recovery. All of our attorneys have extensive professional and litigation backgrounds. As a result of our substantial understanding of California' bankruptcy codes and procedures, we have established a record of success securing favorable outcomes for our clients who owe or are due payment.

Identifying Straightforward Legal Solutions for Creditors and Debtors

Our litigators and trial lawyers help Chapter 7 trustees, financial institutions, businesses and other creditor committees address a range of issues related to bankruptcy and insolvency, including:

  • Jurisdiction and venue
  • Removal and remand
  • Contested confirmation hearings and cash collateral hearings
  • Adversary proceedings, including nondischargeability and turnover actions
  • Complex claim objections
  • Negotiation of executory contracts
  • Appeals

Drawing on our experience practicing business law, we also design litigation strategies for resolving breach of fiduciary duty claims in court.

TVA lawyers have also facilitated Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 proceedings on behalf of business entities and individuals in California.

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