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A Foot in Both Worlds

Clients searching for an appellate attorney will likely find two types of appellate specialists:

The first kind of appellate specialist practices exclusively in the appellate court. But to be successful on appeal requires extensive planning and engagement in the trial court. Appellate attorneys who wait on the sidelines during this critical time drastically limit their own value.

The second kind of appellate specialist devotes only a small part of their total practice to appeals. Appellate practice is a unique area of law recognized by the State Bar as a legal specialty. Most trial attorneys have handled appeals. This alone, however, does not make that attorney an appellate specialist.

Our Appellate Specialists Are Different.

TVA’s appellate specialists split their time evenly between trial court practice and appellate practice. This makes our appellate specialists equally comfortable in both courts.

When preparing the all-important "record" that determines the fate of an appeal, our appellate specialists carefully and vigorously ensure everything that is needed to prevail on appeal is included. Will the arguments on appeal depend on a critical piece of evidence? Do the pleadings reflect those arguments? Does the appeal require giving the trial court an opportunity to correct its errors? Our appellate specialists leave no stone unturned.

TVA’s appellate specialists begin building your appeal while your case is still in the trial court. This is why our success rate on appeal is nearly three times the average. When the time is right to bring a case up on appeal, our appellate specialists have the training and skill to to navigate the complex appellate process and win your case.

The appellate team at Thomas Vogele & Associates is excited to discuss your trial and the options on appeal. We have represented clients in appeals courts for all types of civil matters. Guided by our substantial professional and educational experience, our attorneys have had success writing winning briefs, securing defense judgments and affirmance on appeal, among other outcomes.

Applying Comprehensive Legal Insight in Wide Range of Appellate Cases

With offices in Orange County and Monterey, TVA represents clients throughout California for a variety of concerns, including:

When you consult with our appellate specialists, we will study your court records to identify the most effective arguments to present. We are qualified to practice before all California Courts of Appeal, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C.

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