Bonds, Stays and Judgment Enforcement

Peace and Security During the Appeal

All is not quiet in the trial court after the appeal is filed. A plaintiff holding a judgment for money may still obtain writs of execution, sweep bank accounts, seize property, and wreak havoc on an appellant. The hope of a victory at the end of several punishing moths of appeal can soon begin to sound hollow.

TVA's attorneys are familiar with the procedures for posting bonds to stay enforcement of a judgment to secure peace for their clients while working on their appeals. And to the surprise of many trial attorneys, there are more ways than one to obtain a bond. When a plaintiff or trial court refuses to honor a stay, TVA's skilled appellate attorneys have successfully petitioned for supersedeas to obtain an immediate stay from the Court of Appeal.

Similarly, TVA knows just as well how to challenge defective bonds and ensure a plaintiff has all the security the law guarantees.


Successful business professionals have assets in many jurisdictions. These jurisdictions provide different protections for a debtor's assets, and different rights to a judgment creditor.

TVA's aggressive and proactive appellate litigators have successfully defended their clients’ assets in multiple jurisdictions. For example, TVA secured its client's valuable stock in a Nevada-based company by proactively filing suit in Nevada, forcing the judgment-creditor to acknowledge Nevada protections applied in order to get the suit dismissed. TVA Prevents a CA Turnover Order by Filing Suit in NV
And TVA went on to get the judgment against its client reversed on appeal. TVA Successfully Reverses $5.1 Million Judgment on a Missing Promissory Note

As Will Rogers said, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

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