TVA Law Firm Wins 2019 #1 Verdict Award in California

Timothy Kowal, Esq.
August 24, 2020

With a legacy of a passionate commitment to excellence and professionalism, Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC proudly announces that they have won the #1 Verdict in 2019 in California for Trespass, Property Rights, and Easement Abuse.

After a hard fought, three-week battle in court, TVA triumphantly witnessed a Fresno, California jury return a unanimous verdict. Defendants Shell Pipeline Company and Alon Bakersfield Property, Inc. were found to have operated oil and gas pipelines in violation of trespassing laws on TVA's clients' property. The defendants were found to have acted with malice, oppression, or fraud, and the jury awarded the property owners $40.6 million.

Arguing that Shell and Alon's pipelines were not disclosed or marked when the owners bought parcel, and that the pipeline operators decided not to record or disclose the easements for tactical reasons, the TVA team skillfully brought the case to a victory in their clients' favor. This triumph was the basis for the law firm's securing the #1 Verdict in 2019 in California for Trespass, Property Rights, and Easement Abuse. This verdict was obtained by the expert team comprised of Thomas A. Vogele, Timothy M. Kowal, Teddy T. Davis, Brendan M. Loper of Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC.

Specializing in litigation, appellate, and transactional work, TVA has a keen understanding of the needs of their clients. The award-winning law firm has the expertise and determination to see each case through to a satisfactory conclusion. Showcasing the expert skills enabling them to resolve even the most complex challenges, the law firm boasts the #1 verdict in 2019 in California for trespass, property rights, and easement abuse. TVA continues to maintain their undeniable commitment to ethical conduct while providing their clients with outstanding advocacy. The team at Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC maintains a principled focus allowing for the most effective and satisfactory outcome for each client.

Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC has obtained the largest known trespass verdict in the state of California. Unparalleled in their ability to enforce trespass and property dispute claims, TVA serves landowners in hydrocarbon-dense areas of California. Their trial attorneys skillfully maneuver complex property dispute matters, and successfully represent their clients to a satisfactory conclusion. In the best interest of their clients, TVA attorneys secured a rare mandatory federal injunction, preventing irreparable damage to their clients. This injunction ordered energy companies to remove pipelines, accomplishing what few law firms can.

The award-winning team has the professionalism and experience to represent their clients effectively. "When it comes to trespass disputes, no one has obtained better results," explains TVA's website, referencing the firm's expertise in trespass law. The website continues, "An attorney who knows the special rights the law affords against efficient trespassers and agricultural trespassers can help you identify your maximum leverage to resolve disputes quickly."

Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC is dedicated to a quality practice and ethical conduct. Backed by multiple awards for exceptional service and results, TVA continues to serve their clients through their business law and appellate litigation practice. With over 40 years of experience to back them, TVA has gained and maintained the trust and respect of their clients, and they have a brilliant track record. Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC is pleased to continue to have an unwavering dedication to achieving the end result that is best for their clients.

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