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Finding Justice in the Grinding Gears of Litigation

The right judgment is not always the just result — a judgment often fails to account for the time and expense invested to obtain it. But sometimes, the grinding gears of litigation can be used to achieve some justice. In Leeman v. Adams Extract & Spice Co. (Cal. Ct. App. – May 21, 2015), plaintiff settled a Prop. 65 (toxic chemicals warning) case — cases typically driven by a cottage-industry of “sue and settle” lawyers. The settlement here was for a typically small amount of civil penalties, and a typically much larger amount of fees at $72,500, with hourly rates Read More

TVA Prevents a CA Turnover Order by Filing Suit in NV

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. —Will Rogers You might have the law on your side, but it is not enough to be right — you also have to be first. That is what took TVA recently to the Nevada-side of Lake Tahoe, in Washoe County. Our client had a multimillion-dollar judgment against him, and everyone knew the judgment creditor was after our client’s stock in a valuable real-estate corporation to take control of the assets before we could reverse the judgment (and we did). And under California law, the Read More